About Us

Bruce Andrews

Age - 46

Eyes - Blue

Pleasures - Graphic design

Helene Solinga

Age - Never Ask A Lady

Eyes - Two

Pleasures - Selling Honey


We are Helene Solinga and Bruce Andrews. We are both internet entrepreneurs and we live about 3470 miles apart. Helene lives in New York State, USA, And Bruce lives in Sussex in England.

We met quite some time ago through being members of the same Butterfly Marketing Program and struck up a lasting friendship that developed into a successful business relationship.

We both have several other web-based businesses and found that the hosts we were using provided neither the service nor the price we would like. So we decided to buy a web hosting service so that we could have the quality of web hosting a successful business truly needs.

The service we set up was so good we decided to share our good fortune by making the service available to others.

We soon realised when we were setting up for the public that maybe not everyone would want the full professional service we both needed. To that end we put our heads together and came up with the simple three services you see for sale on the front page.

Also, because business grow, we decided to make the personal and small business packages upgradable to the full pro package without penalizing customers cost-wise.

We believe we have created a set of web hosting packages to suit all pockets and purposes. We also hope you will have a long-lasting and fruitful relationship with our company.

And remember, if you can't find the answers to any questions you may have in our extensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area, you can always email us directly for a reply usually within 24 hours.

Yours, Bruce and Helene